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SBCWA Shares Fun With All

Updated: May 2, 2022

In April of 1993, nine Chinese women (the founding members of SBCWA), Yuei-Yeh Huang, Christina Tsao, Amy Ko, Shwu Liu, Wendy Hsu, Anne Liu, Cindy Chin, Ruby Chen, and Susan Roth, just wanted to get away from their kitchens and have some fun times together monthly. Since that time SBCWA has blossomed into a sophisticated, influential organization in the South Bay community. Moreover, the most important ingredient, “FUN”, has been added into all activities. The following are some significant highlights to commemorate the history of SBCWA:

1. Membership — Members are the backbone of this organization! Since 1993 we have over 300 members joined our association. SBCWA is always open to embrace any member!

2. Events — SBCWA has provided ample opportunities to develop new leaders and earn recognition from local governmental and corporate organizations. They are Anniversary Galas, Annual Lunar New Year Dinner Party, South Bay Women’s Speech Contest, South Bay Women’s Leadership Legacy Awards Banquet, and support numerous community organizations’ events.

3. Fun Clubs — From time to time, there have been different intimate small clubs formed to enhance and expand members’ talents and interests: Floral Arrangement Club, Hiking Club, Book Club, Art Club, Baking Club, Cooking Club, Mahjong Club, Chinese Culture/History Club, Karaoke Club, Line Dance Club, Breakfast Club, Monday Walking Club, DIY Club, Overseas Travel Club, and Bus Tour Club.

Nobel laureate Mother Teresa once said, “We can do no great things, only small things with great love.” SBCWA members do small things with great love since 1993, we will continue holding onto that love in doing small things with more members. Let us march happily into the coming years with our great love!

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